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Our neighborhood association, Windom Community Council, has a 30-year history providing programming that enhances our neighborhood quality of life.

As a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, we rely on the generosity of our neighborhood residents and mission supporters to serve our Windom neighborhood.   

Our Neighborhood WCC Programs (What your contribution supports.)

Every dollar counts!  

Thank you! 

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Environment and Sustainability Initiatives

Nature Friendly Windom is a series year-round green neighborhood initiatives to help protect our environment.  


Promoting Neighborhood Engagement and Advocacy Programs


Building a Safe Neighborhood Initiatives

  • Health and Safety. In 2021, the WCC launched a Windom Home Safety Rebate Program to help keep Windom safe from criminals.  

  • Block Safety Leader Support.  The WCC promotes local Windom block leaders who work close with MPD to help keep our streets safe and crime-free.


Economic and Community Development Programs

  • Housing.  Our (WCC) Home Improvement Loans make it easy for homeowners in Windom to work on or remodel their homes with 0% interest financing.

  • Local Businesses. Through the Windom Façade Improvement Business Matching Grant Program, we support buying local and help promote our local businesses.


Youth Programs

  • Windom Reads is an annual bilingual literacy/reading program that connects local authors with local neighborhood children and families.

  • Tots Rock Dance Party is an annual dance party for neighborhood children 0-7 years of age that promotes exercise during the harsh winter months.

Get Involved

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Let's Make A Change

Windom Depends on You!!

In 2021, important budgetary changes in City of Minneapolis funding are coming to Minneapolis neighborhood organizations. 


The Windom Community Council is an private independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and we largely depend on the generosity of individual donors and funds we raise from our partnership with the City of Minneapolis through the NRP and CPP programs.

Your tax deductible donation allows us to keep delivering optimal community engagement programs for Windom. Thank you!


Here are some ways you can donate:

By Mail

PO Box 19536

Minneapolis, MN 55419


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