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Welcome~Bienvenido~Soo Dhawow
to your
2022 Windom Neighborhood Elections



2022 ELECTRONIC VOTING via Google Forms
JUNE 3, 2022 - JUNE 10, 2022



Dear Windom Residents,

Electronic voting via an e-ballot GOOGLE Forms is now available here. Proof of residency (Photo ID or Utility Bill) will need to be uploaded to the Google Forms e-ballot.

Click here for the 2022 Candidate Biographies.

The paper ballot can be downloaded here and be printed delivered to 5404 Wentworth Avenue along with proof of Windom neighborhood residency no later than June 10th.

Eligibility for membership is defined below as any individual who is at least 18 years old and is:
•    A resident in the neighborhood; or,
•    An owner or business lessee of real estate property in the neighborhood; or,
•    The designated representative of a nonprofit, educational organization in the neighborhood.


New Board Members will be seated at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting on July 14th.  




We have 5 [two-year term] Board seats up for election at this time and are accepting applicants for the ballot. Two of the five seats are incumbent candidates who wish to return to serve.

NOTE:  WCC has up to 30 days to verify the validity of electronic votes. 

Thank you! 

Sincerely Your,
Windom Community Council 
Board of Directors


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